Make Discipline Fun

Can you imagine your child enjoying discipline? It can be done! As a Behavioral-Developmental Pediatrician currently practicing Child Psychiatry in Southwest Florida, I’ve taught many parents how to use discipline to guide their children away from misbehavior, motivate them to embrace right behavior and actually enjoy the process.

There’s a way to use discipline to instruct rather than punish your child. Punishments, especially spanking, slapping, restricting privileges and taking things away, inevitably lead your child to anger or depression – both of which make it more difficult to gain control. Anger provokes defiance and depression curbs motivation.

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Advice from Dr. Alan M. Davick

STOP Bullying & Victimization

Children who bully intentionally and repeatedly humiliate or injure others. There’s always a reason for bullying. Some children suffer from mental health conditions which lead to bullying and over which they have no control. Other children choose to bully to defend against such conditions. In all cases, there are underlying causes fueling bullying. Take away the fuel and bullying stops.

As with bullies, children who are victims of bullying are targeted for a reason. Their vulnerabilities may be based on mental health conditions or circumstances over which they have no control, or their victimhood may rest on circumstances they can be taught to control. Remove the foundation upon which children’s vulnerability rests and their victimhood ends.

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